About Me

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Hmm. This statement is always so awkward to answer for me. I don’t know why. I mean don’t get me wrong; I can most definitely express a fair share about myself. Sometimes more than I’d care to admit. 

Anyway, I’ll be brief. I’m a full time Soldier and full time mom of two very cute kids – Bert and Becca (hence, Letters to Becca). I’m married to the coolest guy I know and we live in the best state in the country. You guessed it. Texas! I love Jesus, food and make-up. I enjoy a good beer every now and then. I’m currently working on getting to places on time and quitting the bad habit of cursing (Jesus still loves me. I’m just saying). 
There’s so much more ‘about me’ but this section would be long af if I continued. K bye.